For all projects

  1. By the hour 85$
  2. 20% of the project
  3. An agreed flat rate based on the scope of the job

For any renovation or decoration project

  • TPW charges 500$ in advance for the first 6 hours. Each aditional hour is charged at 85$ the hour.
  • Once the project is approved we start charging a 20% of the total of all the work and items bought for the project.
  • To start the project we need 50% of the20% based on the quote that is approved.
  • At the end of the project the difference in cost will be recalculated and the remaining amount will be charged.
  • For any aditional expenses or aditions to the project TPW will advised before doing them the way this will be charged. It can be by the hour or the 20% on top of the new total.
  • All discounts any provider or company gives The Perfect Wife will passed them directly to our client. The client will see all the original invoices and receipts.
  • The purchases made by The Perfect Wife on behalf of our clients will be reimbursed as they are presented to the client.